KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | August 2012

You Can Always Trust God

(in Big Things . . . and Little Things)

By David Blennerhassett

Writing is fun. It really is! Just think about it. If someone didn’t take the time to write a story, or an account of history, or even a list or directions, how much would any of us know about anything? This month, as many of you are headed back to school, we challenge you to read more and get involved in the writing process. We’re sure you’ll have many opportunities this school year to practice your creative writing skills, and we hope you and your teachers will share your work with KidsView! In the meantime, check out this story from a writer who loves what he does and took the time to submit this piece to us. And who knows, your story could be next! –Editors

Mummy and Daddy happily announced that they were going to have another baby. There was much excitement. Tristan and Ryan hoped they would soon have a baby sister.

Tristan and Ryan hoped they would soon have a baby sister.

But after some time Mummy had not been feeling well and needed to see a special doctor to make sure everything was OK with both her and the developing baby inside her tummy.

The specialist decided to do a sooner-than-usual ultrasound procedure. That’s when an instrument is passed over the patient’s stomach area and it produces and image that shows up on a TV monitor. He assured Mummy and Daddy that all appeared normal. He was also able to tell them the baby looked like it was a boy.

Although at first a little disappointed that it may not be the girl they were hoping for, they were relieved the baby was healthy.

While everyone celebrated the good news, Grandpa noticed Tristan was quietly crying.When asked why, Tristan whispered to Grandpa that he had been praying for a healthy baby sister and was crying because the doctor had told them the baby was a boy and not the girl for whom he had prayed.

Now Grandpa’s doctor had just recently told him that he was very sick. Because of this, he decided he needed to trust God with his health and his life, rather than what any doctor might tell him. He also loved Tristan and Ryan a lot—and that’s when Grandpa made a big mistake.

He was so hurt that it appeared God had not answered Tristan’s prayer for a sister, that he stopped trusting God to look after him with his illness. He figured that if God couldn’t answer the prayers of his little grandson, than how could he trust God with his health?

A little later during Mummy’s pregnancy, another ultrasound procedure was done that again assured them all was still OK. But this time the specialist announced the baby definitely looked like a girl!

And sure enough, in a few months’ time, Tristan and Ryan’s healthy baby sister, Caitlyn, was born. It was then that Grandpa realized his big mistake. God can always be trusted—even when things don’t work out the way we sometimes expect.

Tristan’s prayer was answered and Grandpa learned a lesson that the God who would lovingly answer a little boy’s prayer, of course, could be trusted to look after him too.