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How to Write a Song

By Larry Karpenko

Do you like music? Do you like music so much that you write your own songs? If that’s ever sounded like a fun activity to you but you weren’t sure if you could do it, we may be able to help! Larry Karpenko is a singer/songwriter and dad of two who lives in Southern California. He’s enjoyed music since he was very young and still finds time to write and record original compositions today. He shares his best five tips for how to write a song below. If you want to try his tips and come up with something yourself, we’d love for you to share it with us!—Editors


Larry's Five Songwriting Tips

1. Write about your experiences. Think back to a clear memory. How did you feel?  Did you laugh? cry? feel scared? Were you brave? Now share this experience in your song.


2. Answer these questions: Who is talking? To whom? Why? This helps the listener relate to what your song is about.


3. Sing your lines in a natural way, as if you were talking to a friend. This allows the meaning of your song to be easily understood.


4. Put the most important words in the spotlight. When you highlight key words, your song becomes memorable.


5. Write songs together with a friend or another songwriter. Imagine kicking a soccer ball back and forth, and how two players working together easily score a goal. Bouncing song ideas back and forth is ideal, and many of my best songs have been accomplished while writing together with another person.