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World Kidney Day

By Melissa Bradshaw


Did you know there was such a day as World Kidney Day? The observance of this day came about in 2006, to help us understand how important our kidneys are to our health. It is observed every year, on the second Thursday of March. This year, World Kidney Day is on March 13.

 So what do you know about your kidneys? Do you know where to find them? Do you know what their function is? Well, let’s first locate your kidneys, and then we will talk about what they do. Put your hands on your hips, and move them up to the base of your ribs. Your kidneys are just under your thumbs.

You have two kidneys—one on each side of your spine. Your kidneys are bean-shaped organs that are about the size of your fist. You can think of your kidneys as trash collectors. Read on to find out why.

two kids from china, smilingIt is said that the average person has between one and one-and-a-half gallons of blood circulating around in his or her body. Waste from the normal activity of your muscles, and what your body doesn’t use from the food you eat, is dumped into your blood. Every day, your kidneys process 200 quarts of blood. If your kidneys didn’t filter this waste from your blood, it would cause a lot of damage in your body.

From those 200 quarts of blood, your kidneys filter two quarts of waste and any extra water, which then becomes urine and is dumped into your bladder. It is very important to drink plenty of liquids in order to keep your kidneys healthy. Make sure you drink six to eight glasses of water a day to help your kidneys work at their best.

Your brain produces a hormone (a special messenger) that tells the kidneys to hold on to some of the fluid it contains. The less fluid you have in your body, the longer the kidneys hold on to the waste it has filtered from the blood. That’s why if you are not drinking enough water, your urine will be darker. A good way to know if you are helping your kidneys stay healthy is by the color of your urine—the clearer the better.

Kidneys also produce a hormone that tells the body to make red blood cells. Red blood cells have the important job of carrying oxygen around in the body. So now you can understand how important it is to have healthy kidneys.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is the water of life. (Jeremiah 2:13, John 7:37) When Jesus left this Earth and went back to Heaven, He did not leave us by ourselves. He sent us the Holy Spirit to help guide us in our Christian walk.

When we drink from the water of Life—Jesus—and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, and filter our minds from all of the waste of the world around us, we will lead a pure life. Make sure you drink freely from that life-giving Fountain today!


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