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Winter in . . .

By Nancy Kyte

Winter can be the best season of the year in some countries. You can go skating and drink hot chocolate. Often it is cold enough to see your breath outside. People shop in tiny villages for special winter treats. It is always fun to join friends for a game of ice hockey. While we all enjoy the summer sun, there are lots of fun things to do when it's cold!


children in austriaAustria

Snow lasts from late December through March.

Temperatures range from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.











slovakian kidsSlovakia

The coldest month is January with temperatures 0 degrees or below Fahrenheit.









german kid sleddingGermany

Winters are usually mild, but there can be heavy snowfalls.

















hungarian marzipan treatsHungary

Special treats can be found in the market place, such as marzipan (left) and pickled peppers (below).