KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | February 2015

Who is God?

See a great fiery throne with flaming wheels. Our majestic God is sitting on the throne. The Bible says His robe is white as snow and His hair is like wool.1

In this awesome courtroom God is the Judge. Thousands and thousands of beings stand before Him. The books of the record of their lives are opened before Him. He judges them out of the books. The whole universe will see that God is a fair Judge.

“That sounds scary,” said Blake. “I don’t like a God who wants to swat me like a fly for every little thing I do wrong.”

“Oh, but God is not like that,” said Dad. “God loves you. He wants you to be saved. He sent His only Son, Jesus, to show you what He is like. He sent His Holy Spirit to help you to do right. When you mess up and are sorry, He forgives you. Jesus took your sins on Himself when He died so that when God judges you, He sees only Jesus’ record. 

Now, does that make you happy?” asked Dad. 

“Yes,” answered Blake. “It makes me want to love Him and not to sin anymore.”

“God’s Holy Spirit will help you with that,” answered Dad.

“We worship God because He is our Creator.2 He loves us,” continued Dad. “He is called our Father. Other names for God and His Son are Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.3

“God is a mystery. We can’t explain Him. No human being has ever seen God in His full glory. We know what He is like by studying the Bible and by watching nature.”

“Does God call Himself a name other than God?” asked Blake.

“In fact, He does,” answered Dad. “He calls Himself I AM.”4

“What does that mean, Dad?”

“It means that God has always been. He has no beginning and no end. We can’t explain that. There is no other true God.5

“We should always be reverent when we talk to God. We sin when we use God’s name disrespectfully. The third commandment says this is a sin.6

“We will see God’s glory when He comes in the clouds with all the angels. Jesus will be sitting on the throne with Him.7

“In the judgment, people who have not accepted Jesus will not be saved. They will be judged by their deeds.8 Even their good deeds will not be good enough to save them.

“God is preparing a beautiful home for those who love and obey Him. He would like to save us all.”9


Use your Bible to read the story. Each time you see a number, look up the text just like Blake did.


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