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Who Doesn't Like Campmeeting?

By Zach Tan

Each year around Easter, the Victorian Conference sponsors an Easter camp. The camp is located in Elmore, Victoria, Australia. The camp runs Thursday night through Monday night, although some people prefer to arrive Friday morning and leave Monday or Tuesday. There are several programs for all ages from beginners to adults. You can read all about my experience right here.

Day 1 (Thursday, April 5)

We arrived at camp on Thursday afternoon. It was a long drive from our house. The pastor was already there with my friends Rahel and Joash. We set up our tent next to theirs. It was a very hot day, and the flies were really bugging me. I was really tired that night, so I didn’t attend my night meeting. I went to bed early to be able to attend the morning worship service the following day.

Day 2 (Friday, April 6)

The next day we went to the Meridian shed (some camp meetings use tents), where the main daily services are held. Every morning we had worship at 7:45. After worship was breakfast. The juniors were already in the juniors’ shed, so I hurried along (Zach is pictured at left). I got an ID with my name on it and a computer code that needed to be scanned by one of the advisors. The advisor would scan the code with an iPod/iPhone/iPad 2. The meetings were every morning, afternoon, and evening with breaks in between for lunch and dinner; and spare time for duties, free time, or homework (that is, if you brought some from school).

We made flower crafts out of tissue paper to give out at a retirement home in the afternoon. But something happened with our bus, so our trip was canceled, which was sad.

We had our afternoon break and went back to the juniors’ tent at 7:30 for our evening session. Our topic was about being a “willing victim.” We were given challenges and role plays to do. The meeting ended at 9:00 p.m.

Day 3 (Saturday, April 7)

Today was Sabbath. We went to our usual morning worship service. Then we went to our own respective meetings. We had Sabbath school and worship separate from the adults. We talked about our best friend Jesus.

Our afternoon program started at 2:30. We had a treasure hunt with 72 items scattered around the campground. The treasures included chocolate coins, plastic pearls, and memory verses. It was a lot of fun.

That night there was a concert featuring a Christian pop artist. Afterward I joined my family in the Meridian tent where Jennifer LaMountain and Steve Darmody were having a concert.

Day 4 (Sunday, April 8)

Today was an exciting day. We headed to Funfields, which is an amusement park two hours from camp. It really was fun.

Day 5 (Monday, April 9)

First we went to the Meridian for morning worship, then we went to our tents for the morning seminar.

In the afternoon it was time for Mega Monday, an event with laser tag, a petting zoo, a bouncing castle, and other rides for the children to enjoy for our last day of camp. Finally it was time to go home. It was so much fun spending time learning about God. I cannot wait for next year’s Easter camp at Elmore!