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Week of Prayer: Days 6-7

Day 6 - Thursday

Pascal lived below the Waldensian valley. He was rich and believed in the Roman Church. After Pascal met Pierre, who taught him from the Bible, he began protecting the Waldenses. One day Pascal heard the soldiers marching toward the valley. He took his fastest horse and rode up into the valley to warn Pierre and the others of the danger. 

Painting of Saul

“The soldiers are coming to kill you! Flee to the mountains in France today.”

In just one hour, Pierre and his family had packed their things and started their walk across the mountains to safety.

A Persecutor Becoming a Follower

Saul, like the soldiers who hunted the Waldensians, persecuted the followers of Jesus. Now he was traveling to Damascus to take all Christians as prisoners.

On the way a bright light flashed all around him. Saul fell to the ground. He heard a voice: “Saul, why do you persecute Me?”

“Who are You, Lord?” he asked.

“I am Jesus, the One you are persecuting. Now get up and go into Damascus.”

Saul slowly opened his eyes to see, but he was blind!

For three days Saul was blind. Then God told Ananias to go and heal Saul, so he put his hands on Saul, and his sight returned. Saul eventually became known as Paul, a follower of Jesus.


  1. Why is God’s Word able to change people?
  2. Make a list of things you stopped doing after you made Jesus your friend.

Day 7 - Sabbath

“Man can’t live on bread alone, but needs the Word of God.”—Matt. 4:41

Many Waldensians from the valley joined Pierre and his family as they went up the mountain to escape the soldiers. For supper everyone received just one small piece of bread. 

After three days of walking, Gabrielle was tired and hungry. Later that day Gabrielle saw half a loaf of bread fall off the back of their neighbor’s mule! 

She wanted to take it and hide it, but she couldn’t. And even though she was hungry, Gabrielle was grateful for the little she had. 

Jesus and the Tempter

Jesus was also tempted in the wilderness. After he had fasted for 40 days, Satan appeared as an angel before Him.

“If You are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread.” 

Jesus knew it was Satan and answered: “Man can’t live on bread alone, but needs the Word of God.”

Satan then took Jesus with him to Jerusalem, to the highest point on the Temple, and said to Him: “How much faith do you have? Jump off this Temple. The Bible says that God will send angels to take care of those who love Him.” 

But Jesus knew that Satan was mixing truth with untruth. 

Satan then took Jesus to a high mountain and showed him a view of the world and said: “I’ll give You all this if You’ll just bow down and worship me.”

“Get away from Me, Satan. God is the one who should be worshipped,” said Jesus.

Immediately Satan left Jesus alone.


  1. How can God’s Word help us resist temptation? List four or five ways.
  2. List two Bible texts that can help us resist Satan’s temptations.