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Week of Prayer: Days 4-5

Day 4-Tuesday

Autumn had come, and neighbors in the Waldensian valley took turns hosting everyone for worship. There was singing, teaching of the Bible, and recitation of Bible chapters they had memorized. Paula, her sister, Gabrielle, and brother, Hubert, loved these gatherings. Paula had memorized most of Matthew, and was starting to memorize Luke as well. Hubert, who had been away at school, knew most of the New Testament by heart. Marker stones.He wanted to be a traveling missionary. By the time he had completed school, he would know most of the Bible by heart including copying it all by hand. Learning the Bible was important to this family because they knew that one day they may not have one. 

Stones as a Reminder

The Israelites walked in the desert for 40 years. Joshua was now their new leader. God would show the Israelites who He was. 

The day finally came when the Israelites could cross the Jordan and enter the Promised Land. The Lord told Joshua to command the priests to walk into the river. When the priests’ feet touched the water, the flow upstream and downstream stopped. The priests were told to stop in the middle of the river and wait. Joshua commanded one elder from each tribe to collect a rock and bring it to him. Afterward the waters of the Jordan began flowing again. 

That night when the Israelites camped in the promised land of Gilgal, they gathered for worship. Joshua took the 12 stones from the Jordan and piled them up. He did this so that each time the Israelites passed by they would remember that God is powerful and worthy of respect and honor, and that His Word should always be in their hearts.


  1. Why is it important to study God’s Word?
  2. Try to memorize the verse in this section (see p. 3) and five other Bible verses. Then share them with your teacher and friends.
  3. If you memorized one verse from the book of Matthew every day, how many chapters would you know by the end of the year?

Day 5 - Wednesday


In the valley where Pierre and his family lived, Ruth and her family lived in a hidden hut. When younger, Ruth had fallen into the fireplace and burned her face badly; now she was scarred. She was called “catface.” 

Laura decided to be her friend. Eventually Ruth began to trust Laura. One day she asked her, “Why do you come here?” 

“I want to be your friend!” Laura answered.

“I am too ugly to have friends.”

“Well, I want to be your friend,” Laura answered, “and Jesus is also your friend. He loves you just the way you are.”

“I want to be His friend as well,” Ruth said. They prayed, and Ruth accepted Jesus as her friend. 

The Slave Girl’s Testimony 

Remember the Bible story of the Jewish maid sold to be the servant girl for Naaman’s wife?

The Jewish maid told his wife about the prophet in Samaria who could cure him. When Naaman arrived at the prophet Elisha’s house, Elisha’s messengers told him: 

“Go and wash seven times in the Jordan River. Then your skin will become clean.”

Naaman became angry and left, but his servants convinced him to try it.

Naaman washed himself seven times in the Jordan. Afterwards his skin was clean. Then Naaman knew that God was the only true God. 


  1. How can you share Jesus with your friends at school and in your community?
  2. Make a bookmark and write your favorite Bible text on it. Give it to a friend at school who doesn’t know Jesus.