KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | May 2013

Tipped Back!

By Kimberly Luste Maran

Several years ago I was traveling down a four-lane road with my family. My brother was driving in the left lane when a white Chevrolet Cavalier pulled onto the road from a car wash on the right. The person pulled out recklessly, way into the left lane. Gently applying the brakes (since the car was pretty far ahead of us), my brother signaled and changed to the right lane. We were driving just under the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit when we caught up to the slower-driving Chevy.

a car tipped on its sideAll of a sudden the person driving the other car attempted to change lanes as if they were making a right turn (a very jerky and abrupt turn), without signaling. Immediately my brother sounded the horn. His brakes and tires squealed, but the person still rammed us at about 35 miles per hour. There was no shoulder on this road, so when the car hit us, we bumped the curb very hard and went up on two wheels. We traveled for a couple seconds, scraping along the curb for about 50 feet. The car began to tip more. Just before we would have flipped I prayed, Oh, God, please, no. At that moment my brother jerked the wheel to the left, and we slammed back onto the road.

My brother’s Honda Accord was totaled—all four sides were damaged. But the three of us were OK, suffering only sore shoulders and hips. The Chevy had minimal damage, and its driver was unhurt.

After the experience, we went back and looked at the road. We discovered that in eight more feet we would have run out of curb and into a big road sign. And if we had tipped all the way over, we’d have been very seriously hurt, possibly killed.

God spared us. I imagine He sent an angel to help tip our car back onto the road. Any way I look at it, prayer is powerful.