KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | October 2016

Thinking About Autumn

By Chloe and Julius Moore

Autumn is a beautiful season. I love it when I go outside and instantly feel the cool breeze touch my already-reddened cheeks. I usually walk around taking in the enchanting nature. Since I live in Florida, most leaves do not change color very much. They turn a tinted red here and there. There are no weather extremes, making it the best time of year to play football and basketball with my friends.

My birthday is in October. I will be turning 14! I am super excited about celebrating with my family and friends. It will also be my last autumn as a middle-schooler. Next year I will go to Forest Lake Academy. I can hardly wait! I have attended Forest Lake Education Center since the first grade.

In the fall there are new fashion trends. I look forward to shopping for warm clothing, like soft, cozy sweaters, and jeans and jackets, for the season. In addition, there are beautiful, fun DIYs and cute autumn-inspired crafts to do in my spare time.

With there being such a wide variety of foods to be enjoyed, it is no wonder that Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in autumn. I like pumpkin everything, mashed potatoes, green beans, butternut squash, and big steamy mugs of hot chocolate with huge peaks of, that’s right, whipped cream!

Instead of celebrating Halloween, my school hosts an annual fall festival as a fund-raiser. We enjoy all the activities, which include hayrides, face painting, bounce houses, baking contests, horseback riding, delicious food, a book fair, soccer tournaments, and more. 

My church, Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church, invites everyone to a bonfire vesper service in the parking lot. We bring food, our chairs, etc. The praise team sings worship songs while we relax and watch the sun cascade down to the horizon. As I stand close to the fire, I can see the red, hot, fiery flames waltz in the wind while the heat warms my cheeks. 

During autumn months I like to reflect on the numerous blessings God has given me throughout the year.  I also think of people who are in need.  Each year I willingly participate in outreach programs that are organized by my church and school. 

Autumn reminds us of God’s abundant love and care for us. He wants His children to take time to enjoy this splendid season.—Chloe Moore


During the summer my family and I spent four days with my uncle and aunt at their lake house in Nashville, Tennessee. All too soon our visit came to an end. While helping my Dad to load our bags into the minivan, I spotted a bird’s nest scattered on the hot cement of the driveway. Next to the nest I saw a helpless and nervous baby bird. Huddled together inside the nest were four other baby birds. I felt so sorry for them. I gently picked up the baby bird and put it in the nest. Then I placed the nest high on a ledge on the front porch.

My sister, Chloe, and I raced to get a bottle of water. We poured tiny drops of water into their eager mouths and watched as they gulped it down. I wondered if the mother bird would return to the nest. I waited and waited, but she never came. Who would protect them? Who would feed them and keep them warm? I desperately wanted to take them with me, but my parents would not allow it. I asked my uncle, “Would you please take care of the baby birds?”

“Yes,” he promised. 

Sadly, I got in to the car to start our long journey back to Florida. As we drove away, I prayed and asked God to keep them safe. Maybe in autumn, when they are grown, I will go outside and look way up in the sky to see them flying south. See you in autumn!—Julius Moore