KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | July 2014

The White House Visit

By Maya O'Reilly

On April 21, 2014, I went to the White House for the 136th Easter egg roll. I was so excited! 

After leaving school early, I picked up my brother, and we all went to the Metro train station. We got tickets, and took a map so we could see how to get to the White House. 

author at easter egg rollWhen we got there, we stood in a long, long line for the Easter egg roll. A Secret Service agent told us that more than 30,000 people visited that day. When it was our turn, we walked until we got a little booklet. The theme this year was “Hop Into Healthy, Swing Into Shape.” We went to the egg roll line. We used wooden spoons to roll colorful eggs to the finish line. Everyone won! 

We went to the egg hunt line, but we were too late. Next we went to a station to dye eggs. A man taught us how to do it. It was fun. My egg was light pink, and my brother Justin’s egg was green. We even got to keep them. Then we went to a station all about bees. We got to touch the bees’ honeycombs and smell the bees’ honey. My brother and I also put on beekeepers’ veils to protect ourselves. Finally, we took many pictures at the White House with different characters such as “Mrs. Egg.” After the White House visit, each of the kids got to keep a wooden egg. Mine was a purple pinkish egg! It had Bo and Sunny’s paw prints and names on it.

After our visit, we took the Metro train back to Maryland. I really enjoyed my visit. I won’t ever forget going to the White House.