KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | February 2013

The Red Motorbike

By Charlotte Ishkanian

One morning 11-year-old Aloyis (ah-LOYS) heard the vroom, vroom of a motorbike. He ran to the road in time to see a red bike roar past. That evening he heard the bike zoom by again. I wonder where that bike has been, Aloyis thought.

For several days the motorbike passed his home every morning and every evening. Eventually he decided to find out where it was going. 

The next morning Aloyis started down the road in the direction the motorbike headed each day. Soon it whizzed past him. Aloyis ran as fast as he could toward the next village. Sure enough, when he arrived, he spotted the red bike parked under a tree. Nearby was a half-completed building made of bamboo.

“What are they building?” he asked.

“A church,” the people replied.

“Who owns the red motorbike?” Aloyis asked.

Guy in a red shirt riding a motorbike.“That belongs to Pastor Maisi [MY-see],” He’s the pastor of the new church.”

Aloyis walked over to the pastor and asked, “May I help?”

“Sure,” Pastor Maisi said. “We need help thatching this roof.” 

At lunchtime someone gave Aloyis a plate of food to eat. Maisi sat down next to him and said, “You are a good worker! We really appreciate your help.” 

Another man sat down to join them. “Do you think the church will be ready in time for worship this Sabbath?” he asked.

“If we keep working as hard as we have been, it should be done before Sabbath,” the pastor answered.

“Sabbath? What is Sabbath?” Aloyis asked. The pastor explained, and Aloyis decided right then that he would come to the church meeting on Saturday. After all, he had been helping to build this church! And it would give him a chance to hear what Maisi, the owner of the red motorbike, had to say.

On Sabbath morning Aloyis awoke early and jumped out of bed to get ready. Then he set off down the path that led to the church in the next village. 

I wonder what the meeting will be like, Aloyis thought as he hurried along. I think it will be great because Pastor Maisi is such a nice person. 

He looked around at the neat little building and thought, I helped build this! Pastor Maisi said I was a good worker.

Aloyis was fascinated by everything he saw and heard that day. For the first time in his life he heard stories from the Bible. Everyone was friendly, and several people invited him to come back the next Sabbath. He continued to attend the new church.

Weeks went by, and Aloyis’ parents noticed that their son was changing. He had become more obedient, kind, and helpful. He spoke often about his new friend, Maisi, and the Bible stories he had heard at church. 

Eventually his parents asked the pastor to come and visit them in their home. Soon some of their neighbors joined them whenever the pastor came to visit. 

Today there is a new church in Aloyis’ village. Who could have guessed what would happen when a boy followed a red motorbike!