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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Final Sabbath

Our final Sabbath in San Antonio was yesterday. There were people everywhere, as far as the eye could see. The dome was packed to the rafters, but it was kind of a neat experience actually. Have you ever prayed with the person next to you at church? We were asked to do that and it was amazing to hear the sounds of thousands of small prayer groups all speaking to God at the same time. The music was  pretty amazing too with choirs and and orchestra making music that made tears come to your eyes because it was so powerful!

After lunch and a quick snooze in our hotel room (we are pretty exhausted over here, to be pretty honest), we passed out the last of our KidsView hats at our booth and spent a little more time talking to all the people that stopped by to say "hi." Then we made our way back to the dome for the Sabbath evening program/finale. The finale program traditionally includes a parade of nations. This year, that display of all the countries in the Adventist movement, was highlighted through a presentation about our church history. This included the years that Adventist missionaries first made entered these countries. It was pretty interesting to see how God's good news is traveling throughout the world.

We finished the day by heading back to the booth after Sabbath was long over to sell more magazines and hand out more giveaways. We have to confess it was pretty late before we fially went to bed. Today we are finishing the last little bits of the final magazine we are creating here, posting this last GC session KidsView blog, and packing up to go home tomorrow.

Thanks for following along over these last few days! 

  • We attended grown-up Sabbath school in the Alamodome, but were pleasantly surprised to enjoy a Gracelink animation in the program. You can see more by going to

  • This senator from Jamaica (center), talked to us about how he because a Seventh-day Adventist and how God has worked in his life. He also told us how became blind as a young man. God has clearly been with him and we were inspired to listen to his talk.

  • General Conference president Ted Wilson preached the Sabbath message.

  • We sat on the front row, where we watched many photographers in action. Most were official, but this boy looked pretty professional to us!

  • We had to turn around to catch a glimpse of the gathering. Boy, were there a lot of people!

  • We sat in a skybox for the evening program and this was our view.

  • We got a little history lesson about the church through the neat presentation during the parade of nations (or Mission on the Move) segment.

  • Kid-photographers sprang into action throughout much of the program.