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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Best of the Booths

The exhibit hall is super, super crowded with people right now. Over the last 10 days its seen thousands of people--including many kids--stroll through hundreds of booths.

We think these are the best of them. Take a look and see if you agree.

One more blog post before we finally go home! Two weeks sure is a long time to be away!


  • ADRA had a village, which included a marketplace.

  • Andrews University had a cool replica of a part of their campus.

  • We liked the rings above Babcock University.

  • Cool wood structures from this booth. Don't know if they'd like Antonio touching them, though.

  • Montemorelos University had a neat interactive area.

  • Loma Linda University had a huge space with a super soft carpet to walk on.

  • This dinosaur at Southwestern Adventist University was AMAZING!

  • And Union College did it again with a huge rock climbing wall, which of course was a crowd (and kid) favorite!