KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | July 2013

Thailand Taxi Tale

By Nancy Kyte


As Lek* sat in his taxi waiting for his next passenger, he wondered what he could do to help his wife, Mai.* For years she had seen a series of doctors about the severe pain in her leg, but nothing seemed to help. She had suffered long enough, he thought.  

When he got home, Mai met him at the door, excitedly telling him about some meetings at the nearby Adventist church. Maybe someone there would pray about her leg.   

Lek saw how much it meant to her, so he assured her that he would take her to the meeting the very next night. He had no desire to go into a Christian church himself, so he took a little nap in the taxi while he waited outside.

A taxi in thailandMai listened closely to the evening presentation and was touched by what she heard. After the meeting, she plucked up her courage and went forward to speak to the pastor about her leg. He offered to pray for her, just as she had hoped. 

With shining eyes, Mai told Lek about what she had seen and heard. She wanted to continue going to the meetings, so he agreed to drive her. After a few visits Lek decided to go inside and sit on the back row, just to see what it was that made Mai so happy. Strangely, he noticed that her leg was starting to get better.  

It wasn’t long before Lek was sitting with Mai near the front of the church. He listened with rapt attention as Pastor Paul spoke about faith and forgiveness. He began to study his new Bible at home. Carefully he read it from cover to cover three times, just to be sure he understood. Confident that the Bible is the true Word of God, Lek and Mai decided to be baptized.  

Each day when Lek sets out to work in his taxi, he prays for the passengers he will meet that day. He often plays an audio version of the Bible while he drives. If anyone objects, he simply turns it off. But usually they ask questions about what he is listening to. He tells them that the Bible is full of promises that give him courage and confidence to face each day.  

Now Lek believes that God called him to serve as a Christian taxi driver. He enjoys chatting with his passengers. When a customer seems discouraged, he likes to share a cheerful Bible promise. On many occasions he has driven people to the hospital for medical attention. Sometimes he carries them in his arms because they are too weak to walk in on their own. Lek tries to speak words of comfort and hope whenever he can.  

Sometimes his passengers ask, “How do you know all these things?” Lek tells them that he learned many good things from his pastor, and he invites them to visit one of the Adventist church centers.  

One day a uniformed soldier got into the taxi. It was a long ride, so the two men began to talk. Suddenly the soldier told him that he was suffering from terrible guilt and deep remorse.  

He went on to say that he had been hired to assassinate another man. He carried out the order, was paid about $30,000, but afterward he felt filthy and evil. Day and night he was burdened with regret. 

Lek told the soldier that it would be impossible to get rid of the guilt on his own, but there was a way to find forgiveness. During the remaining ride, Lek told him that Jesus could bring him hope and give him peace of mind. He invited him to visit the Adventist church center and meet his pastor, but he never saw the soldier again. He prays for him daily and wonders how he is doing.

As Lek reflects on how his life has changed since he became a Christian, he says he has never been happier.  Please pray for Lek and Mai as they witness for God in Bangkok, the largest city in Thailand.

*Lek and Mai are not their real names.