KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | July 2017


By Jean Boonstra

Judah walked back to his cabin at Discovery Mountain Camp after lunch in the camp cafeteria. Walking out of cabin was Judah’s camp counselor, Jake. Their timing couldn’t have been worse, as Judah walked in and Jake walked out, they bumped into each other, and envelopes full of letters from home fell to the ground.

“Oh, sorry Counselor Jake,” said Judah as he helped to pick them up. “Is there anything there for me today?”

“I’m sorry, Judah, not this time,” said Jake, gathering the stack of mail back into his arms.

 Judah sighed. “Oh. Figures…” he said looking downcast.

“Hey, Judah,” replied Jake, “let’s sit here on the cabin steps for a minute and talk. The campers can wait for their mail for a few minutes.”

“OK,” said Judah, wondering what Counselor Jake needed to talk to him about.

“So, that word you struggled with in the script today in the drama tent. It was…”

“Surety,” interrupted Judah. “I got it now. It’s a little too late, though.”

“It’s not too late!” said Jake enthusiastically. “You know, that word comes from the Bible story in Genesis about Joseph and his brothers. Judah—that is, the Judah in the Bible—said he’d be a surety for his brother, Benjamin.”

“I hear you,” said Judah, “but what exactly does that mean?”

Counselor Jake paused thoughtfully for a moment. Then he answered. “Good question. Judah was telling his father, Jacob, that he would be responsible for bringing his younger brother back safely. He was willing to give up his life for his brother!” 

“OK, I think I get it now,” said Judah. “That is really deep love to give your life for someone.”

Counselor Jake nodded. “You know, Judah, the Bible also talks about Jesus being a surety for us. We all are sinners, but Jesus gave His perfect life for us so that we can live with Him forever. That’s pretty deep love, too, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that sure is,” Judah answered, scratching his head thoughtfully. “Can I read about that in my Bible, the one I packed for summer camp?”

“Absolutely!” Counselor Jake said excitedly. The mail resting on his lap shifted and a few letters spilled to the ground. 

“Where should I start reading?” asked Judah, handing the dropped mail back to his Counselor.

“Try the book of John. It’s one of the gospel books in the New Testament. I can help you find it if you’d like,” Counselor Jake answered.

Judah started to answer, but before he could get the words out, another camper interrupted.

“Counselor Jake,” asked Ben, “is there any mail for me?”

“Yes, Ben I’ve got everyone’s mail,” Jake answered. “Go on in and I’ll hand out everyone’s mail in just a minute. I’m talking to Judah right now. Judah…Judah?”

Jake walked into the cabin to look for Judah. The campers crowded around him excitedly, eager for their mail from home. Out of the corner of his eye, Jake watched Judah lift his Bible out of his bag and crawl up into his bunk with it.

“Thank you, God!” Counselor Jake prayed quietly. “Thank you for helping me with Judah today. Father, draw close to him.”




This is an excerpt from the Discovery Mountain episode “Ben in the Spotlight.” Visit to hear the rest of this story!