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String up Some Popcorn!

Stringing popcorn is something your grandparents or great-grandparents may have done. It is great fun to do with family and friends.

You can decorate your home, tree, classroom, or an outdoor tree. It becomes a special treat for the birds and squirrels! Send us a picture of your family or class with your creation to 

Because you will need to pop popcorn and use a needle, you will need an adult there to help. Try not to eat more than you thread!


Things You Will Need:

  • Popped popcorn (plain, unsalted, and unbuttered is best)
  • Large bowl
  • Medium-sized needle
  • White thread (dental floss, silk quilting thread, or even
  • eight-pound clear fishing-line works well)
  • Scissors
  • Rubber thimble (optional)


How to Do It:

Pop your popcorn (however you and an adult decide to do it) and keep the kernels in a large bowl.

Cool the popcorn and let it sit awhile to get a bit stale (that will prevent it from cracking when you 

thread it).

Thread your needle, but do not cut your thread from the spool. It will take a lot of thread depending on where you want to hang your garland.

Begin stringing one kernel at a time by inserting the tip of the needle right through the center of each piece. 

Keep sliding down each popcorn kernal to the end before you thread the next one. Once you have created a garland of the length you want, tie off the end of the thread securely so that the popcorn can’t fall off, and cut it from the spool (an adult should help with this part).


Extra Tips

You can add food coloring to the popcorn to make it festive. The rubber thimble can prevent needle sticks to your fingers, so use one and be very, very careful.