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Steps to Christ is Having a Birthday!

By Chantal Klingbeil

Do you enjoy birthday parties? 

I know I do. Have you ever been to a party where the person is turning 125 years old? Probably not. How about a party to celebrate a book? Well, get ready, because in 2017 we are celebrating Steps to Christ turning 125!

Steps to Christ, is a small book written by Ellen White. It was first published in 1892. This little book has been translated into more than 165 languages and has helped millions of people all over the world get to know Jesus. 

People liked the book because Ellen White made it simple. Each chapter leads you to Jesus—step by step. 

This book will show you that Jesus wants to be your Best Friend—one you can trust. 

Sounds like something to celebrate, right? 


Read the book

While you could read it all at one time, try

reading short sections and think of what you are reading. You can buy the book at an Adventist bookstore or on-line. You can also read the book for free by typing the link below into your search engine. Please get a grown-up to help you so you arrive at the right place. Go here.


You may want to try reading Steps to Jesus, the same book but with language more like how we talk today and easier to read. With an adults help, visit the link below


Listen to the book

You may like to listen instead of read. Follow along while a nice voice reads to you. First, go back to the very first web address under “Read the book.” This time you will notice a small donut-like looking circle at the top right. Click on this and you will see several choices. Click on the first (Listen to Audio Books) and someone will read the book to you! You can also download the file to your computer so you can listen any time you want.


Ideas for the party!

1. Invite some friends to read with you.

Everything is better with friends. What about a reading marathon?

2. Create posters. Find your favorite quote in the book and draw a picture to go with it.

3. Step it up.Each person should take their shoes off. Trace your feet on colored paper. Cut the feet out and list the steps to Jesus—one for each foot. Then tape them to a wall.

4. Plant seeds.Chapter 8 talks about growing in Christ. Give each friend a paper cup. Put a small hole in the bottom. Fill each cup with dirt. Give each person seeds to plant (beans, pumpkins, radish, and wheat grass grow fast). Talk about how we grow with Jesus.

5. Prayer chain.Chapter 11 talks about prayer. Cut out strips of colored paper. Have everyone write prayer requests—one on each paper. Glue or tape them into a prayer chain and hang on the wall. For more ideas, go here