KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | July 2016

What Makes Your Country Special?

This month, we feature more student writing than usual. Why? Because you’re just that great! 

Since July is when the United States celebrates Independence Day, we asked students from Nebraska to talk about what makes their nation great. Look for a surprise—one student writes about a country other than the United States!

Later in the issue, first and second graders from North Carolina, and third and fourth graders from Tennessee wrote about what they’d ask Jesus if they could.

It’s summer! Sit back, relax, pick up your KidsView, and read some great stuff from kids just like you! 


My country is great because we have freedom of religion. We just have freedom in general. I was born here, and this is where all my family and friends are.—Gabrielle 


My country is special because we are unique and we have traditional food.  We can worship in our own religion. We spend a lot of time together as a family. My country is the best!—Camilla


I think my country is great because it’s safe, friendly, has good food, and all my family and friends live here. I just love my country because I’ve lived here all my life and it has just grown on me.—Kiah


America is great because we are a republic and we have freedom of religion and jobs. We have many different religions and races.  We get to pick everyone that goes to Congress.—Aidan


America is great because it is not like other places. We treat people with love and fairness.  Jesus must be the answer to all of this. There is no other place like home. God bless America!—Ashlea


Our country is so cool because we have a lot of traditions, lots of people and places to go. It has everything you have dreamed about for 1,000 years. You will be amazed when you come.—Natalie


I think the United States is special because it’s filled with love. It has people from all over the world here. It’s a great experience to be here, because this place is awesome.—Alaina


The U.S.A. is beautiful and great! We worked really hard to get it this way, and we don’t plan to give up.  Jesus has definitely been with us through the years, or it would have never been like this.—Tori


I love China because it’s my home. My family lives there. There are lots of people there, lots of schools, and they have lots of money. I like that they speak Chinese instead of English.—Amy


I have freedom and religious freedom. There are great schools, good food, fresh water, and clean clothes. There are also good people here. Oh, and don’t forget the Internet and Wi-Fi!—Sage


My country is great because we have freedom of religion and doctors. We can eat what we want and when we want.—Ivy Belle


The U.S.A. has been through many wars and battles, but it has always stayed strong in faith. This country has saved nature, people, and animals.  They struggled to get where they are, but still made it together.—Josh


We have freedom of religion, we are a republic, and we have choices. We have a choice of what jobs we want, and we don’t have a king or queen.—Lauren


America is great because it has different kinds of cities, different religions, and different ways of living. We have lots of people from different countries too. I like it because it’s inviting and friendly.—Angellina