KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | October 2015

Something in the Middle of Nowhere

By Falvo Fowler

A young boy from Somewhere was visiting his grandparents in the middle of Nowhere. You have to understand, Somewhere was special, because it wasn’t just Anywhere. There were so many things that Somewhere had created and everything had its place: some place for everything and everything in its place—that was the slogan of Somewhere. Everyone knew his or her place in Somewhere.

diagramBut now he was in the middle of Nowhere and was bored. His grandmother gave him four even sticks and some string and suggested he make a something—anything (see figure 1).

So this young boy from Somewhere decided to make something. He knew he could give it definition and bring some sort of meaning. He made a square with four sides and four corners and tied with the string (see figure 2). And then he was again bored in the middle of Nowhere.

His grandfather saw his grandson’s boredom, and brought him eight more sticks the same size as before and even more string (see figure 3). He told him to make it something more, something different, something with more meaning.

He looked up at his grandfather and yawned and made another square. Same as before, only bigger (see figure 4).

He thought, there is nothing better and nothing different. I know this is all that can be done in the middle of Nowhere.

Then his grandparents, the same who lived in the middle of Nowhere, got down on their knees and put the pieces together. They built two squares out of eight sticks, tying each of the four corners together, and connected them with the remaining four sticks at each corner (see figure 5).

The boy looked at it and said, “Wow! I never even thought it could look so different!” And he thought of all the new things he could make with sticks and string.

To which the wise grandparents who lived in the middle of Nowhere replied, “Sometimes you need to see beyond what you think you know to understand there’s so much more—even in the middle of Nowhere.”