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Make a Wintery Snow Globe

By KidsView Staff

If you live in cold areas, you might find yourselves at home on a snow day. This is a great indoor activity for any time, actually. Even if you live in Florida, but are stuck inside because it’s raining!

You will need*:


  • glass or plastic wide-mouth opening jars with tops (used and cleaned jam or pickle jars are great to recycle for this project. It you choose to use plastic, make sure you can see through it.)
  • waterproof glue
  • plastic figures (trees, snowmen,sports memorabilia, animal, whatever you want! [Note: It needs to fit on the inside of the jar lid.]
  • distilled water
  • glycerin
  • white glitter
  • decorative crushed snow

 *All of these items can be found at a craft/hobby store such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. 




1. Make sure all your jars are super-clean and dry.


2.Place your lid upside down on a work surface. Glue your figure to the center of the lid and let it dry overnight.


3. Pour the water into the jar up to an half inch from the top and add a few drops of the glycerin.


4.Now you get to use your glitter! Add a few pinches into the water. You can add a few pieces of decorative snow at this point as well.


5.Screw on the lid of your jar with your figure, super-tight. Turn it right side up and check for leaks. If everything is tightly sealed, shake the jar to check for enough water and/or glitter and add as needed. To keep your craft leak-free, add a ring of glue to the top of the open jar and seal again. You can add ribbon or some other decoration if you wish.

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