KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | October 2012

Sharing Jesus in Africa

By Laurie Falvo

If you went on safari in Chobe National Park in Botswana, you’d see tons of wildlife. It’s teeming with lions, zebras, buffalo, impalas, giraffes, birds, hyenas, and hippos. But Chobe is best known for its huge population of elephants. These pachyderms aren’t just in the park, either. If you ride through the local town, you’re likely to have them stroll single file right in front of your car.

All this makes Chobe a very popular spot for tourists. But not everyone enjoys encountering the local wildlife. Kebe (seen above) is a Global Mission pioneer who works in two small villages in northeastern Botswana. He doesn’t own a car, so every day he walks a long way to visit his neighbors. As he travels the hot, dusty road he keeps a wary eye out for angry elephants and hungry lions. But Kebe isn’t afraid. He trusts Jesus to keep him safe. 

Kebe stays very busy sharing Jesus. Every day he visits the village people. He studies the Bible with them and asks about their families and struggles. Then he prays with them. He stops at the health clinic to share a Bible promise with the doctors and nurses, and he prays for the patients. The school children love him because he reads them Bible stories. Kebe even prays with the village chief.

When Kebe started working as a Global Mission pioneer two years ago, there wasn’t a single Adventist living in these villages.

When Kebe started working as a Global Mission pioneer two years ago, there wasn’t a single Adventist living in these villages. But now, because of Kebe’s ministry, 30 people have chosen to follow Jesus and be baptized. Both villages have a congregation worshipping every Sabbath. And both these churches are growing!

Kebe lives in a small one-room building. He has no electricity, so he burns a candle for light. He has no running water, so he fills a jug at a local pump and carries it to his room. He has no closet, so he hangs his few articles of clothing on nails in the wall. He cooks on a kerosene stove and sleeps on a blanket on the concrete floor. 

Life is difficult for Kebe, but he is always smiling—a big radiant smile that seems to compete with the African sun. He is so glad to be a Global Mission pioneer who can tell people about Jesus. “I feel so happy to know that I am the one that has helped bring my neighbors to Jesus,” Kebe says. 

Kebe believes Jesus is coming very soon. He wants to help as many people as possible be ready. Please pray for Kebe as he shares Jesus’ love in these faraway villages in Africa.