KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | January 2018

Seeing Things Differently

By Merle Poirier

I bet that this past Christmas you got at least one new thing. Maybe it was a book, a toy, or new clothes. Why? I’m sure you already have those things, probably more than you need. New things give new perspectives. When you read a new book, you learn to understand things differently. When you play a new game, you learn new strategy. And when you wear new clothes, it is the same you, but you look different.

Some people love to climb mountains, ride elevators to the top floor of tall buildings, or fly in airplanes. Why? Because it gives a new perspective—a way to see things differently. Things look very different from way up high.

The first of January started a new year. Many people, maybe even you, decided to do things differently. They set goals of how they might be different—what they do, what they say, where they go, or what they eat.

Did you know that KidsView is 16 years old! That’s older than the kids who read KidsView each month. So we decided it was time for a new look. Can you see what is different on this page? 

Our name at the top still says KidsView, but says it differently. It is sideways and we’ve added a pair of eyes. Why? For the same reason you get gifts at Christmas, climb mountains, or set New Year resolutions. It’s time for a fresh look. It’s time for new clothes. It’s time to see things a bit differently.

We’re starting slowly. For now, watch our googley eyes each month. What will they see? What will they look like? Little by little you will see some changes. We will be the same because we will still have stories, puzzles, and interesting articles. But our “clothes” may look a bit different.

We hope you like what we are doing and where we are going. Keep reading. Keep sending us your ideas. We’ll still plan on having fun together!

Happy New Year from KidsView!