KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | March 2016

The Best Security System

By Chantal Klingbeil

It was the year 1894. The first camp meeting ever was being held in Australia, and Ellen White was to be the guest speaker. People from near and far flocked to the camp grounds. Soon a city of tents had popped up. 

Unfortunately, all this activity got a lot of attention, and in the city nearby a gang of teenagers also decided to visit the camp meeting. The Brighton gang attacked at night when everyone was asleep and threw stones and pulled down a tent. 

Those in charge of the camp meeting heard rumors that the gang was planning on coming back—with reinforcements. The police were called in to help keep law and order. A big, tough police officer was assigned to protect Ellen White. 

While some people may have thought of packing up and going home, Ellen White was not frightened. Her guardian angel had saved her from so many attacks in the past that this new threat didn’t worry her at all. After the evening meeting she went to her tent and fell asleep in perfect peace. Outside the Irish police officer patrolled the camp grounds. 

Not long after midnight, the officer was passing near Ellen White’s tent. He stopped as he saw a light suddenly appear over her tent. He kept staring as the light got brighter and took on the form of an angel in the silvery light. At this the big police officer turned and ran—all the way back to the police station where he explained that he was really not needed at the camp because an angel was on duty there!

The next day the officer came back, not to patrol the camp grounds but to hear Ellen White speak. What she said was obviously important if it warranted an angel bodyguard. At this camp meeting that that same officer gave his heart to Jesus. 

It’s good to be reminded that we each have our own unseen heavenly bodyguard too!