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Robert's Marathon

What would you do to save the life of someone you loved? Would you take care of them? Would you pray for them?

A man named Robert was facing this problem. His mother had a disease that made her bones weak and easy to break. For 20 years she had been in terrible pain, and she wasn’t getting any better. 

Robert wanted to help! But what could he do? He was not a doctor. But there had to be something. 

man runningAfter lots of thought, Robert finally had an idea. He couldn’t heal his mother, but he could run a marathon to raise money that would help her get better! 

It was the perfect plan, but there was only one problem. Robert was not very healthy. He often had trouble breathing, and just before he ran the marathon he had to use his inhaler to help him breath three times in one week. That was more than he used it in one whole year!

But nothing could stop Robert. He loved his mother very much, and he didn’t want her to be in pain for another 20 years.

He entered the marathon, and he ran as fast and as hard as he could. Robert knew how important the marathon was, and he wasn’t going to let anything slow him down—not his breathing, not the other runners, nothing! Because of his determination, he raised more than $80,000 for his mom.

Robert had to run a long way, and when he crossed the finish line, he must have been proud. But he was also tired—so tired that he fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. The doctors tried to help him, but there was nothing they could do. Robert was gone.

What would you do to save the life of someone you loved? Would you give up your life? Robert did. And a long time ago Someone did the same for you.

Jesus could see that sin was hurting us, and it made Him sad to see His people so unhappy. He wanted to help—and He knew just what He could do. He would come to earth and live without sin to show us that, with God’s help, it was possible.

Though it was the perfect plan, there was only one problem. Jesus knew that to save us, He would have to die. People would bully Him and hurt Him, and He was a little scared, but He wouldn’t let that stop Him.

Jesus loved us so much that He chose to suffer so we don’t have to. He died so we could live. And now, because of His love, we can live happily in heaven with Him forever, free from the pain of sin.

—This article is based on Lael Caesar’s devotional “Struggle Is Gospel Too,” on pages 14-16 of the July 24, 2014, Adventist Review.