KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | July 2013

Remaking An Old Favorite


While you are on summer vacation, you may find yourself at home hungry for a good snack (or lunch). We’ve taken the peanut butter sandwich usually eaten with jelly and searched for new variations on an old favorite. Give them a try! It’s easy—getting yourself something to eat on your own (after getting permission first!) may also help your parents or caregivers and, with your new sandwich-making skills, you’ll have some great lunch options for back to school! If you are allergic to peanuts, you can try using cashew or almond butter instead. And if you are allergic to nuts altogether, you can try variations of these sandwiches with other butters to suit your taste. Use a butter knife with permission and be careful. Try the below variations with your bread and “nut” butter base!

     Another fun option to try is to cut the sandwiches into shapes with large cookie cutters (maybe dinosaurs or butterflies, if you can!). We also strongly recommend using whole-grain bread instead of white bread. Good luck in the kitchen!

peanut butter sandwich combinations