KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | June 2012

Pretty Girls and Beautiful Roses

By Nancy Kyte

Carter knew that most girls like flowers, and from what he heard, they really like roses. Carter wanted to make a good impression on some of the girls he knew, so he decided he’d better figure out how to get some roses. He asked his dad about it.

“Dad, how much do roses cost?” he asked.

That was a lot of money for a girl! And what if she didn’t like him all that much?

“Well, that depends,” his father answered. “Do you want to plant a rose bush and get lots of roses, or do you want to buy just one rose to give to someone special?”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that,” Carter said. “What do they cost?” “If you go to a florist, you’d probably spend at least $2 per rose, maybe more.”

Carter quickly realized that it would cost at least $24 to give a girl a bouquet of a dozen roses. That was a lot of money for a girl! And what if she didn’t like him all that much?

His father went on talking. “You could plant a rosebush. Then you could get roses all season.” “How much does a rosebush cost?” Carter wondered.

“They can be expensive, but I’ll tell you what. If you want to grow roses, I’ll help with the cost and teach you how to take care of them. But you’ll have to do all the work.” Carter thought about it. There was a girl named Jane that he really admired. She was pretty, and she laughed a lot. She always smiled and said “Hi” whenever she rode her bike past his house. Jane probably loved roses.

So Carter and his dad went shopping and bought three rosebushes. Carter learned how to plant and care for them, checking them daily. One day he noticed that rosebuds were forming. “Dad!” he yelled. “I’m going to have a lot of roses!”

A couple of weeks later, Jane and her friend rode by on their bikes. “Hi, Carter,” she called. “What are you doing today?” The perfect opportunity! Carter casually mentioned he was going to check on his roses.

“What do you mean, ‘your roses?,” Jane’s friend asked. Carter invited them to see his rosebushes in the backyard. Jane didn’t believe Carter had planted them himself. She just laughed and teased him about gardening. Carter insisted he had done all of the work. Then he clipped a pink rose and gave it to Jane. She accepted it, but she didn’t act as if she cared that much. She kept waving it around in the air while she laughed and joked around.

Then he offered a white rose to her friend. She beamed and carefully wrapped it in a napkin she pulled out of her pocket. She lifted the flower to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Oh, it’s so beautiful. Thank you for giving it to me,” she smiled. “I’m going to take this home and put it in some water.”

Meanwhile, Jane kept waving her rose around, chattering on and on. She didn’t even thank him for the flower. All Carter could think of was the time, hard work, and careful attention he had put into the roses. Didn’t she have any respect for his gift? And now the flower he had given her was falling apart because she had carelessly hit it on the handlebars of her bike. And there was Jane’s friend, gently holding her rose. As she started to walk away with her bike, Carter said, “Wait! What’s your name?”

There are several lessons to be learned in this story. Just for fun, how many can you identify?