KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | December 2015

Pedrito's Blessing

Pedrito lived with his mother and father in a small house in a little village in the northern part of Paraguay. Many families lived in this village, and Pedrito’s grandfather was the chief.  

When Pedrito turned 7 years old, his grandfather wanted him to go to a school where he could receive an excellent education. The chief learned about an Adventist school with a very good reputation.

The chief and Pedrito traveled many hours to reach the Adventist school. After they arrived, they were shown around the school, including the dormitory where Pedrito and the other boys at school would live. Then his grandfather said goodbye and went home to their village.

At first Pedrito was lonely, but soon he made new friends, and he liked his teachers too. He learned how to read, write, and do math. But he also learned about the God who loves him. He learned how to pray before meals and thank God for the food.

The first few weeks of school went by quickly for Pedrito, and soon it was time to go home for a short break. He was so excited to see his family again! He could hardly wait to tell them all about his school and the many things he had learned there.  

When it was time to eat, Pedrito sat down together with his family. At school he was so used to having prayer before meals, that he was surprised when everybody just started eating. Feeling awkward, he bowed his head alone and offered a silent prayer of thanks.

“Why are you doing that?” thundered Pedrito’s father. “We don’t do that! If you want to pray, then take your food outside and eat alone!”

Obediently young Pedrito took his food, went outside of their humble home, sat on the ground, and started eating.

Before long, Pedrito’s grandfather came by and asked why he was eating outside. “My daddy doesn’t want me to pray for the food, so I came out here,” replied the boy.

Pedrito’s grandfather went into the house and talked to Pedrito’s father. “Why are you doing this to your son?” he asked. “You should be happy that he wants to pray! He has changed, and you should be thankful for that! I’m going to visit that school and ask them to come to our village and teach us what Pedrito has learned.  

The grandfather went back to the Adventist school and told them how happy he was with the changes he had seen in Pedrito. “Would you be willing,” he asked, “to send someone to our village to teach us about your God?”

Happily, the school sent a pastor to the community, where he became friends with the people and taught them from the Bible for three months.  

In just a short time more than 40 people were baptized, and more people are studying the Bible. Already there is a small Seventh-day Adventist church in this little community—and to think it all started because a little boy wanted to thank God for his meal.