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When the Patient Helped the Doctor

By Chantal J. Klingbeil

William Miller was a well-respected man. Friends and neighbors looked to him as a leader. Then he started speaking about what he had learned as he studied his Bible, and how he had discovered that Jesus was coming soon. Naturally, this caused a lot of people to wonder if Miller could be right. Others thought he was losing his mind. 

Someone decided to ask a doctor about William Miller. The learned doctor seemed to know what the problem was. Miller was a monomaniac!  Although not everyone knew what a monomaniac was (see below), people began to whisper about it. Some must have wondered if it was a dangerous condition. 

Eventually, even William Miller heard about what the doctor had said. When one of his children got sick, William Miller sent for the doctor. Fortunately, his child wasn’t too sick and quickly helped. As the doctor was about to leave, Mr. Miller told him he wasn’t feeling well either. 

Quickly the doctor began to examine him. He checked his pulse and felt to see if he had a fever. The doctor couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with William Miller.

 “So what seems to be bothering you. Do you have a pain somewhere?” the doctor asked. 

“Well,” Miller replied, “I believe I am a monomaniac. Can you tell when someone is a monomaniac? Is there a cure?” The doctor blushed as he realized that someone must have passed on what he had said. 

“A monomaniac is someone who seems to be normal, but when you start talking about a particular subject that person can’t think or reason normally about it,” replied the doctor as he started to leave. 

“Please don’t go!” Miller said. “If that’s the case, then you must examine me and see if I am crazy when it comes to my study of Bible prophecies. You can charge me the regular doctor’s fees while I talk to you.”

So, the doctor stayed. Even though the doctor was forced to listen to the Bible study, he soon realized that there was nothing crazy about the way the Bible prophecies had been fulfilled. The doctor caught the excitement of  William Miller, and went away excited about Jesus’ soon coming.  


What is Monomania?

The word “monomania” is no longer used in the English language. When William Miller was alive it was a word that was spoken often.

Someone was called a monomaniac when they talked about one thing all the time. They would be very excited and go on and on.

Since Mr. Miller was excited about discovering that Jesus was coming soon, he talked about it all the time. Maybe being a monomaniac wasn’t so bad after all!