KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | February 2018

New Job Jitters

By Jean Boonstra

Haddie is the main character in a Season 4 episode of Discovery Mountain called “Just in Time.” Listen online at to hear all about her new job and how God sent Haddie for such a time as this.


Haddie walked into her cousin, ,Jamey’s kitchen to make some breakfast. As she filled the kettle with water to make tea, she reached for a blueberry muffin. She thought about her new job. She felt very nervous! 


Haddie was startled—she thought she was alone! “Who’s there?” she asked, whirling around to look behind her. 

“Haddie, it’s just me, Jamey,” Jamey said with another yawn. 

“Jamey, you scared me. Your mom’s note said that you left for school at 7:30,” Haddie said, steadying her nerves. 

Jamey rubbed her sleepy eyes. “Oh, I guess I slept in a little late. Classes don’t actually start until 8:00.”

“Jamey, it’s 7:42,” said Haddie, pointing to the clock. 

“Oh, no!” said Jamey, suddenly very awake. “I have to get ready!” 

Haddie giggled as she watched Jamey scurry back up the ladder to her loft bedroom and come back down a few minutes later, ready for school. Watching Jamey almost made Haddie forget how nervous she was about starting her new job. 

“That was quick,” Haddie said with a smile. “Do you want a blueberry muffin to take to school with you?”
Jamey reached for her backpack as she shoved her feet into her sneakers. “Yes, please! Thanks, Haddie. I’ll eat it as I’m walking.” 

“Here you go, cuz,” Haddie said as she handed her cousin her breakfast. 

“Thanks, Haddie. Sorry I didn’t have more time to talk this morning. You’ll be amazing on your first day at your new job. I’ll pray for you,” Jamey said, reaching for the front door. 

Haddie smiled a nervous smile. “Thanks, Jamey; I’m really scared. I don’t know why I won the writing contest to get this job! I’m not sure that I can do the job.” 

“If you won, it means that you have it in you to do the job,” Jamey said encouragingly. “Don’t be afraid! Oh, I have the perfect thing for you!” 

Jamey swung her backpack off of her shoulder, unzipped it, and rummaged around inside. 

“Jamey, don’t worry about me. You need to get to school, or you’ll be late!” Haddie said, watching. 

“Just a second . . . I found it!” Jamey said, pulling something out of her backpack victoriously. She put the small object in Haddie’s hand and dashed out the door. “Bye, Haddie!” 

Haddie closed the door behind Jamey and looked at the item in her hand. It was a yellow-and-green bookmark with a shimmery tassel on one end. Haddie smiled as she realized just why her cousin had given it to her. 

“What a beautiful Bible verse,” she said, reading the bookmark to herself. “Psalm 56, verse 3. ‘Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.’”

Haddie put a blueberry muffin on her plate and poured hot water into a mug for tea. Her hands started to shake as she thought about her new job. Quietly she sat down. Thinking of the verse on the bookmark from Jamey, she whispered the assuring words to herself. “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.” Her hands stopped shaking. 

Haddie whispered a prayer: “Thank You, God, for being with me!”