KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | June 2013

Mission Kids

Kids may look different around the world, but they still love the same things. And to Jesus they are all the same!



sudanese girl playing instrumentSouth Sudan

Favor shows us how to play the adungu, the traditional musical instrument in South Sudan.





little boy from haitiHaiti

Rosi finds reasons to be happy, even after the earthquake that devastated her neighborhood in Haiti.









cute mexican boy in white hatMexico

Jonathan shows off his pastor-friend's hat in southern Mexico.








palawan kidsPalawan

Denzel and Deborah, best friends, live on the island of Palawan, part of the Philippines.










nepalese school girlsNepal

Kabita and Gita attend an Adventist school in Nepal, where they are learning about Jesus for the first time.





russian school girlRussia

Angelina works on an assignment in her classroom in Zaokski, Russia.










smiling peruvian girl leaning on a treePeru

Maria waits for her turn to perform in a Quechua cultural program in eastern Peru.








canadian boy in the fallCanada

Joshua enjoys the autumn leaves outside his parents' home in western Canada.








smiling maasai school girlKenya

Simatone, a Maasai girl, stands in teh doorway of her home in Kenya on the first day of school.








madeiran girl in national costumeMadeira

People in Madeira, and island belonging to Portugal, loves dressing in their national dress for the flower festival.











japanese girl painting signsJapan

Miwa helps paint signs advertising Vacation Bible School in Japan.










little mongolian boy in page boy hatMongolia

Bagna plays in the playground near his parents' apartment in Mongolia.