KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | April 2013

Meet Chantal!

By Chantal Klingbeil


I’m so glad that you are taking a moment to read this page. My name is Chantal Klingbeil. I am taking over this page in KidsView from Cindy Tutsch (who wrote for this page for many years). “Pastor Cindy” did such a wonderful job—it leaves me feeling like you feel when you try on an adult’s shoes (in other words, I have big shoes to fill). 

photo of chantal klingbeilSo let’s see. Now you know my name. What else would you like to know? My favorite color is green. I was born and raised in South Africa. Then we went as missionaries to Peru. Six years later we moved to Argentina, lived there for five years, and after that we worked in the Philippines before moving to the United States.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce my family! The handsome guy at the right is my husband, Gerald. He works for the Adventist Review, so you might recognize him. We have three wonderful girls: Hannah, Sarah, and Jemima. We also share our home with two animals. My girls love animals, and if they had their way, they would turn our home into a zoo! There’s Amelia, our dog. We got her from a shelter. She has a deep, dangerous sounding bark, but she’s actually quite a scaredy-cat. Then there is our African gray parrot—Galileo. He is named after the famous scientist who discovered the earth moves around the sun. Our Galileo hasn’t really discovered anything-—except that he can drive us crazy by making fire alarm noises. He talks very well and can be very funny. If he’s in a bad mood, he can bite too. 

I work for the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference (check us out at My job is to help children and young adults get interested in finding out and learning from our early Adventist pioneers. I especially want to share stories with you about Ellen White and the things she wrote. After all, not many people have seen angels or actually saw and spoke to Jesus like she did. 

Now that we’ve met, I would love to hear from you. Is there anything you have wondered about Mrs. White or our pioneers? Is there something that you think would help you (or a friend) become interested in finding out what God said through Mrs. White? Perhaps you have a Bible question? (You can also tell me about your pets!) Drop me an e-mail at

Looking forward to hearing from you,