KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | February 2016

Making New Friends

By Sheila Elwin and Micah Jasionowski

Twelve-year-old Micah is a homeschooler who moved 2,000 miles to a new town, leaving all his friends behind. He missed his friends from his old town, taekwondo, and church. He was so miserable, and was worried that he’d never meet someone else special—like a best friend—again.

Do you find it hard to meet new people? Are you a little shy about getting to know other kids? What are some things you could do to help yourself make friends?

Go Places and Join Activities 

Micah told his mom how much he wanted a friend, so she helped him get out and meet people. They went to the park to play, swimming at the town pool, to special programs for kids at the library. They found a new church, and he went to Sabbath School and joined Pathfinders. A local homeschool group provided playgroups and outings. Even if you don’t automatically become friends with other kids, going places is a great way to get more familiar and comfortable being with people.

Follow Your Interests

Micah already took taekwondo, so it made sense to find a class in his new town. He also decided to try something different and signed up for an art class. Since he loves computer games, he would talk about them when he met people to see if other kids might like the same ones.

Take a Chance 

Three months into his move, Micah was feeling desperate to make a friend. His mom suggested summer camp, but she knew that was not his comfort zone. But you know what? He got really brave and decided to go! Not only did that mean being around strangers for a week, he had to ride a bus there and back with kids he didn’t know—six hours each way. What happened? “I got to know kids in my cabin because we did stuff together, and ate together, and shared candy with each other, and got sick on too much sugar, and threw up together,” says Micah. Some of that sounds a little gross to me, but he had a blast! Take a chance. It’s worth it.

Did Micah ever make a new best friend? He sure did. He met another guy at taekwondo. They started playing online games together, and decided they really liked each other. But, it took a while, more than a year in his new town.

So don’t give up!