KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | November 2016

Living With History

By Chantal Klingbeil

lijah and Abigail spend a lot of time hanging out at William Miller’s farm. Adventist Heritage Ministry owns several important houses or buildings from our Adventist history. Their parents are directors of the William Miller site, and so Elijah and Abigail have become experts in telling the story of William Miller and how he studied his Bible and worked out the prophecies in the book of Daniel. 

Abigail likes working at the small tourist shop that sells delicious maple syrup (among other things), and Elijah likes helping out on the tours. 

Both Elijah and Abigail like to demonstrate how things looked and worked in William Miller’s day. Elijah thinks we should still be studying the prophecies today, just as William Miller did, because Jesus is still coming. He says that studying the prophecies should not just be left to the adults, because everybody needs to know that Jesus is coming soon.