KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | August 2013


By Melissa Bradshaw

We had just arrived at our temporary home: a guesthouse kindly provided for us while away on a work assignment. It was a beautiful place—a quiet haven hidden away from a busy little town. And my children were excited when they found out about the owners’ animals—they had chickens, goats, sheep...and kittens!


We heard that the mother cat had about five kittens, but that she was keeping them hidden. The owners searched for them, and when they found them, they brought them up to the house, but the mother cat took the little kittens and hid them again.


basket of cute kittensIt was like a game of hide and seek, and of course, my children were searching for them every day. They would follow the cat—hoping to find the kittens—but they never did!


Then, a day or so before we returned home, the owner found the kittens in a large pot just outside the patio doors.


My children were so excited. They came running back as fast as they could—talking over each other trying to tell me that the kittens had been found. Any plans that were made for that day no longer took priority. The day promised to be full of excitement with five little kittens to play with!


“How did the kittens get into the large pot?” we wondered. “And where was their mother now?”


We all know that God puts within all mothers the desire to respond to the cries of their children, but Mother Cat wasn’t responding to the cries of her little kittens. We wondered what had happened to her.


As the day went on, we were busy trying to get food into the bellies of the five very hungry kittens. After not seeing any sign of the mother cat all day, we found a box and put the kittens in it for the night. Caring for them was a round-the-clock job, although no one complained about the long hours and the constant caregiving.


Sunday came and we were ready to go home, but what were we going to do with the kittens? The mother cat had vanished, and the owners of the home had full-time jobs and couldn’t take on the responsibility of looking after brand-new baby cats. What would we do?


Well, my children had it all figured out. We were going to be returning to that same town the following weekend, so we would take the kittens home with us, care for them, and bring them back to their home a week later. That would give our friends time to make the necessary arrangements for the kittens’ care. (And it also meant we would have five kittens for a week!)


The children reminded me that the Bible talks about caring for the animals. (Deuteronomy 22:4; Proverbs 12:10) They promised to help with the nightly feedings and care, so we packed them up and took them home with us.


What a busy, fun and tiring week that was! These little kittens didn’t have a mother, so we had to feed them, clean them and look after them. (Of course, we also enjoyed playing with them!)


They didn’t seem to know that we wanted them to sleep all night long, so we lost some sleep that week! Not only did we want to look after the kittens, but we really felt we had a responsibility to do so. If no one cared for them, they would die! And we just couldn’t let that happen.


Matthew 10:29 tells us of Jesus’ love and concern for helpless little animals when it says, “Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.”


And as much as Jesus cares for His little creatures, you can be sure He loves and cares for you even more!


In Matthew 10:31 Jesus says, “Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”


The kittens ended up being adopted by families who love and care for them, and they are becoming big, strong, healthy cats. And God—who loves you and cares for you—will watch over you and help you to grow and be healthy. Remember to thank God every day for His kindness and love!

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