KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | December 2013


By Alice Capp Hudgins


God’s Son came to earth as a baby,

He lived here a long time ago.


He loved His mother and father,

Who taught Him the way to go.


He grew in obedience and wisdom,

A beautiful child without sin.

He was always happy and cheerful,

God’s Spirit was present in Him.


As a man He was tempted by Satan,

Forty days in the desert He prayed.

While thirsty and weakened by hunger,

True to God’s Word He stayed.


In the Bible are stories of Jesus,

Drawing of Jesus with rays of light.How He went about doing good.

He loved the poor and disabled,

And taught folks to live how they should.


He loved little children and sinners,

He healed the sick and the blind.

He taught us that God has promised

To make pure our heart and our mind.


Hated by proud and hard-hearted

Because He showed up their sins,

They tortured and brutally killed Him,

But the battle with Satan He wins.


In a rich man’s tomb He was buried,

On the Sabbath He rested and slept,

But an angel from heaven awakened Him,

In the tomb He couldn’t be kept.


Back to heaven He went up slowly,

“Be back soon in glory,” He said,

“To take back My children who love Me,

And raise up the righteous dead.”


God sent His only Son, Jesus,

That those who believe in His love

Will live with His family forever

In the heavenly mansions above.



You can read this poem and more in The Secret of the Acorn available at 

Reprinted with permission.