KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | August 2012

Happiness in Madagascar

By By Nancy Kyte

Some of the friendliest people on earth live in Madagascar. Blessed with lush mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, the country is unique and very beautiful.

People work hard to support themselves and their families. Most people don’t have cars or motor scooters. It takes a long time to get somewhere when they have to walk.  

When folks have things to sell, they carry them in baskets on their heads. If they are able to save enough money, they can buy a cart, but it takes a lot of energy to push a cart up and down so many hills on the winding roads. It is also dangerous, because buses have to swerve around them. By the time they finish their business in town, it can be very late before they get back home.  

In spite of many day-to-day challenges, people in Madagascar are quick to smile and wave. In the village of Ankarimbelo folks have a special reason to be happy. They have a new church! Not only that, the members worked together to build it themselves. Even the children helped wherever they could.

Pastor Haja, a Global Mission pioneer, started working in the area a little more than a year ago. The number of people who began to worship together on Sabbath grew quickly, and soon it was time to have a place of their own.  

The hardworking members gathered all the material themselves. They went to a nearby mountain to carve out rocks for the foundation. They cut lumber from nearly 250 ravenala trees. Someone made curtains, another person provided a table, and everyone pitched in to help where they could. Once all the material was organized, it took only 10 days to build the church.  

Five years from now they hope to have a bigger, sturdier church, but in the meantime they are very happy to have a Seventh-day Adventist church of their own.  

Congratulations to the members in Ankarimbelo! We are happy they have a new church.