KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | March 2014

Global Guessing Game

By Nancy Kyte

There is so much to see and learn about the world we live in. Every culture is unique, but we also have many things in common.  

The following questions and answers give an interesting view of the world, but they are also snapshots of our church. Most adults don’t know the answers to these questions, but you might have fun guessing the correct country. And once you know the answers, you can impress your parents with your new knowledge.


1. Which of the following countries is known for the cleanest streets, and where you would probably be scolded publicly if you dare to drop any litter?

  a. Taiwan

  b. Peru

  c. Switzerland


2. In many countries, taking a fruit basket to your hosts would be in good taste. In which of these countries would it be a bad idea, possibly suggesting that they don’t have enough food to feed you?

  a. Yemen

  b. Philippines

  c. Ukraine

 three globes

3.  Some of the most fervent and loyal basketball fans come from this country:

  a. Lithuania

  b. United States

  c. Korea


4.  In this country it is customary to place a small plate beside the dinner plate; not for bread, but for potato peelings:

  a. Iraq

  b. Bulgaria

  c. Ireland


5.  Which country did Winston Churchill declare was the Pearl of Africa?

  a. Uganda

  b. Zambia

  c. Senegal


6.  In which of these countries are walnuts a predominant ingredient in vegetarian cooking?

  a. Colombia

  b. Georgia

  c. Algeria


7.  In this country rodeos and cowboys are a source of national pride:

  a. Canada

  b. Poland

  c. Chile


8.  Which country exports the most raspberries?

  a. Serbia

  b. Czech Republic

  c. Croatia


9.  In this country it is common to gather around after dinner and sing folk songs together:

  a. Indonesia

  b. Latvia

  c. Guyana


10. In which country, when presenting a gift, should you bend forward from your waist, hold the gift with both hands, and lift it higher than your head?

  a. Tibet

  b. Tunisia

  c. Thailand



Check your guesses here.

1. Switzerland; 2. Philippines; 3. Lithuania; 4. Ireland; 5. Uganda; 6. Georgia; 7. Chile; 8. Serbia; 9. Latvia; 10. Tibet