KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | November 2017

Giving Thanks

By Jean Boonstra

There is a snowstorm on Discovery Mountain and the delivery truck might not make it! Jake, Mr. Simon, and Kayla deliver the news in person to Principal Reeder.  


First on our list is Principal Reeder. Gadget, you know the way to Reeder’s house, so lead the way, boy!” said Mr. Simon, glancing at the list in his hand. 

“Good boy, Gadget,” said Jake running behind the Australian shepherd. 

“Hey, wait for me,” called Kayla, running to catch up—the freshly fallen snow crunching under her feet.

“All right, here’s Reeder’s house. I’ll break the bad news about the delayed delivery truck,” said Jake, knocking on the door. 

Principal Reeder opened the door with a smile. “Good morning, Jake! Oh, and Kayla and Mr. Simon, you’re here too! What brings you all by this morning?”

Jake spoke up in a serious voice. “I’m sorry to tell you that your Thanksgiving is about to be ruined!” 

Principal Reeder’s brow furrowed with worry. “Ruined? Jake, did something happen to one of my students? Or is there a problem with the school building? What’s happening?”

“The Trekkers delivery truck is delayed,” Jake answered seriously. 

“All right, and what else?” asked Principal Reeder. 

“Your special order may not arrive today as scheduled. That’s it,” Jake added. 

“Jake, I thought that you were here on official school business. I’m not worried about my special-ordered phone case. I can make it through Thanksgiving without it,” Principal Reeder answered, sounding relieved. He added, “Mr. Simon, is there something else you’re not telling me?” 

“No,” Mr. Simon answered with a happy smile, “That’s all the news we have. I’ll let you know when the delivery truck arrives.”

“Principal Reeder,” Kayla added, “since we’re here, I can shovel your sidewalk for you. It would be my Thanksgiving gift to you!” 

“Kayla, thank you for the kind offer! The shovel is leaning up against the carport,” Principal Reeder replied, smiling. 

Kayla pulled her mittens on securely, grabbed the shovel, and began clearing the freshly fallen snow from the driveway. The morning sun made the new snow almost sparkle in the sunlight. 

Principal Reeder smiled. “Mr. Simon, Jake,” he said thoughtfully, “have you ever seen a better group of kids than our Discovery Mountain Academy students? Just look at Kayla, shoveling my driveway! I am so thankful for her.” 

“I’m all finished,” said Kayla. “I put the shovel back up against the carport, Mr. Reeder.”

“Thank you, Kayla,” said Mr. Reeder. “I’m thankful for your act of kindness.” 

“You’re welcome,” said Kayla, brushing the snow off her mittens. “Just remember this the next time one of the teachers sends me to your office. Remember, Kayla is kind.” 

Principal Reeder, Mr. Simon, and Jake laughed at Kayla’s joke. Principal Reeder felt thankful for Kayla’s thoughtfulness. Small thoughtful acts can make a big difference! 


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