KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | October 2017

Gadget's Puppy Days

By Jean Boonstra

Gadget is Jamey Simon’s dog. He’s one of the characters in Discovery Mountain

Gadget was a mischievous puppy! Gadget was the wiggliest of all the puppies in his litter—his six sisters were perfect Australian shepherds. 

Gadget and his sisters were born on Cherryville Farm. The kind and patient Farmer Alex took care of them. Australian shepherds are born with the instinct to herd animals. This is a good instinct on a farm, where they help take care of animals. But Farmer Alex had other plans for Gadget and his sisters. He hoped they’d be adopted by loving families.

One day a duck and her little ducklings waddled across the farmyard. Gadget’s herding instincts kicked in, and he started to chase the ducklings. He got in close to their quick-moving webbed feet and tried to nip them. 


Gadget heard the voice. It sounded like Farmer Alex’s voice, but he’d never heard the patient farmer speak this way before. Gadget got close to a waddling duckling, then he heard the voice again.

“No, Gadget!”

Gadget paused just long enough for Farmer Alex to scoop him up in his arms. “Gadget,” said Farmer Alex, “you can’t nip at these little ducklings. You need to listen to my voice and not follow your instincts.”

Gadget loved Farmer Alex and he wanted to make him happy. A few days later, when the ducklings bravely walked into the farmyard again, Gadget ran after them. Then he heard the voice again. “No.” 

This time Gadget remembered, and he listened to Farmer Alex’s voice. He stopped running and let the ducklings walk right past him. 

Farmer Alex noticed how Gadget listened, and he decided it was time—time for Gadget to meet a special family. 

The next day was hot. Gadget and his sisters sat in the cool grass in the shade of the barn when they saw a new car drive into the farmyard. Two little girls jumped out of the back seat. The taller of the two girls ran toward the puppies, and Gadget’s sisters jumped into her lap and covered her in kisses. The younger blond-hair-and-green-eyed girl toddled straight over to Gadget. She leaned in close and stared. Gadget barked and the little girl laughed. Gadget jumped up, and the little girl chased him! It was the most fun Gadget had ever had. 

As the two played in the grass, Gadget heard a noise. Rattle. Rattle. Gadget perked up his ears and spotted a rattlesnake. The little girl was running straight toward it! Gadget ran behind her, nipped at her heels and turned the little girl away from the snake and toward safety. He was so happy! He’d saved his new friend! 

“No!” Gadget saw Farmer Alex running toward him. “Gadget,” he said, kneeling next to the puppy, “why did you nip at this little girl? You didn’t bother the ducklings. You could’ve hurt her!”

Gadget barked and ran a little closer to where the rattlesnake was. Farmer Alex saw the snake and immediately realized what had happened. “Good boy, Gadget,” he said with a warm smile on his face. “Now run into the farmhouse with Jamey, and keep her safe. I’ll scare away the snake.” 

Gadget and Jamey have been almost inseparable ever since! Get to know them at