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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flying to the Lone Star State

We started the journey to San Antonio at what was supposed to be a 12:30 flight. That usually means all those people gathered in the gate area begin boarding at 12:00. However, 12 came and went. And then 12:30. All the monitors said we were still leaving on time--but seeing as it was 12:30 and we were no where near a plane that made it a bit hard to believe.

armadillo at the gateFinally, they made an announcement that there was a gate change and we all trooped en masse to a new gate. Except there was one problem still. There was no plane!

Then we got another announcement over the loud speaker informing us that our precious little plane was getting a few fixes and would be towed over soon. I can't say that knowing we were riding in a plane that needed fixing a few minutes before made us feel any better.

But we finally boarded and took off (1 hour and 15 minutes late).

So now we are in San Antonio and it is hot! Antonio the armadillo is going to find his way around the convention center and settle in (that's him wondering why the jetway was still closed when we were supposed to be on board). Tomorrow we start working a little harder than today and by Friday, we will be fully into things.

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