KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | November 2016

Flex Seating

By Yanina Jimenez

Teacher Yanina Jimenez from Downers Grove Adventist School in Illinois, grades 1-4, has a new seating system in her classroom. It’s called flexible seating. Have you ever heard of that? Here’s what Ms. Jimenez says: “My students love flexible seating, not only for the new and softer seating options they have now, but for the freedom to move around and sit wherever they want, as long as they are on task! I think it is hard for little ones to sit for so many hours on hard chairs and it is not always healthy! God inspired Ellen G. White in 1885 to write that, in the education of the youth, teachers need to combine the physical activity with the mental.”

Read what Ms. Jimenez’s kids had to say about their new classroom set-up.


“My teacher told me that flexible seating is having the freedom to sit wherever we want as long we use this privilege responsibly!”—Gloria, Grade 2


Our whole classroom changed! We love it!—Nayeli, Grade 3


I like reading inside the rocket ship.—Tony, Grade 4


I am so thankful to my mom and dad, who donated money. We could buy the standing tables with that.—Lorelay, Grade 4


We need to stand up while doing our work. My teacher says that it is not good to sit for too long.—Joshua, Grade 2


We can be with our friends, as long as we work quietly.—Eli, Grade 2


I stayed after school to help my teacher put the new things in place.—Kamran, Grade 4


My friends and I like to sit on the couch to read and put our feet up! —Rasheen, Grade 2


Many good people helped us with money so that we can be happy in our classroom.—Daulton, Grade 2


I really like working and bouncing a little on the bouncing ball.—Eliah, Grade 2


In our classroom we can sit on cool beanbags, scoop rocker chairs, inside a rocket ship, on a couch, on the floor, or under our tables. It is so fun.—Nikolas, Grade 2


We can move a lot in Mrs. Jimenez’s class.—Nathan, Grade 3