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Fun Facts: Fall Leaves!

  • The word “fall,” dating from Elizabethan England, relates to falling leaves. However, this term is now more common in North America than in England.


  • In Japanese two words are used for autumn leaves: “koyo” and “momiji.”


  • Speaking of Japan, tempura-battered maple leaves are a food specialty this time of year.


  • Did you know sick trees change color and drop their leaves earlier than healthier trees of the same species?


  • The color of the leaf is determined by species of the tree.


  • The best-colored leaves tend to be seen after a series of warm, summery days followed by a dip to chillier fall days.


  • Pretty-colored leaves eventually turn brown because of a substance called “tannin.”


Fallen leaves in a forest protect tree seeds in the winter so they can germinate in the spring.


Carotene turns leaves orange. It also makes carrots orange!


Dropping leaves gives trees a break from photosynthesis, which takes a lot of energy from the trees.