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The Incredible Edible Centerpiece

One thing we have in common with people of other cultures is our great enjoyment of holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. It seems as though food is always involved when we celebrate with family and friends. You an surprise everyone by preparing this beautiful, Incredible Edible Centerpiece. Directions for making it are easy. Just follow them below. Your friends and family will be impressed! Don't be surprised if they ask you to make another one for the next celebration!

Step 1

Table centerpiece made of vegetables.Gather the ingredients you will use. (Choose any combination of vegetables, olives, pickles, cheese, or vegetarian meat substitutes.)

Step 2

Slice off the core end of a head of lettuce (ask for an adult's help). Place the flat end on a platter or large plate.

Step 3

Use toothpicks to pierce through pieces of vegetables, cheese, olives, or other ingredients. (You can use tow or three pieces on each toothpick.) Stick the loaded toothpicks into the head of lettuce, using a downward motion. Continue until it is evenly covered.


  • Use round toothpicks rather than flat ones.
  • Most vegetables can be washed and cut into pieces the day before. 
  • Store the vegetables seperately until you are ready to assemble the centerpiece.
  • Place a small bowl of salad dressing on the side for dipping.
  • Extra pieces can be arranged around the base of the lettuce.