KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | January 2013


By Richard T. Edison

Why am I here? Does God exist?” Does He care? Why are we so poor?”    
    It was another beautiful night in Bermuda, but Derek hardly noticed. His mind was filled with too many questions. At 15, Derek felt more like he was 50. He was tired of questions without answers. He just wanted to have fun. Derek stopped at the intersection, looked both ways, and then, eager to get home, pedaled into the street—and his life changed forever!
    A guy on a bikeDerek awoke to bedlam. Bright lights blinded him, doctors shouted orders, nurses poked him with needles, and his leg felt like it was on fire. Just then Derek heard a doctor shout, “Get him to the operating room STAT! We have to take his leg if we’re going to save his life.”      
    As the nurses rushed him to the operating room, one thought burned in Derek’s mind. “Oh Lord, why me?” Then everything went black.
    Derek couldn’t know that the answer to his question was playing out that very moment in an unseen dimension. A battle had begun behind the scenes. Commanding the forces of darkness was Satan. With the efficiency of a general he issued vile orders to his hovering minions. Near the head of Derek’s bed, the commander of the forces of light looked down with tenderness and love on Derek’s unconscious form. Confidently, the Commander, Jesus, issued quiet orders to His angels. Derek, drifting in and out of consciousness, felt despair welling up inside him. Unable to get close to Derek, the evil angels instead shouted wicked suggestions toward him. Eventually their screams penetrated even Derek’s semiconscious mind.  
    For a moment Derek almost gave in. The pain was too great. Then suddenly, unbidden, a long-forgotten prayer came weakly from Derek’s lips. Instantly Jesus was at Derek’s side. He leaned forward and gently whispered in Derek’s ear, “Hold on, little brother. Don’t give up. I’ll answer all your questions.”
    Derek is a real person whose experiences changed his life in ways he could never have imagined. You, too, may become aware of astonishing events when you read the rest of Derek’s story in Trouble on the Blue Planet.

This exerpt is taken from Trouble on the Blue Planet, a visual introduction to The Great Controversy, published by the Review and Herald and available at your local ABC store or online at