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How to Clean Your Room (and keep it that way)

Cleaning your room can be a daunting task, especially if you are not used to tidying up on a daily basis. But it is important to clean up after yourself. We’ve found that having a clean room can help you feel better about lots of things. We’re pretty sure your parents won’t complain about your spotless room either! 


So how can you get it cleaned thoroughly (without you throwing everything in a closet or under the bed)? Here are a few tips.


Put dirty clothes in a hamper immediately. Don’t think your floor or the corner of your bed will do. 


Make your bed every morning (it really doesn’t take that long). 


When you play with a toy or read a book or use your tablet, etc., put these things back in their places as soon as you’re done using them.


Your drawers can be hidden disasters from the world. But when you go to find matching socks or a certain favorite shirt, your disaster gets real, fast. Organize your socks in your drawers in pairs and arrange them neatly so you can see them easily. You might try folding and organizing shirts by colors. That way, when you want to wear your favorite blue T-shirt, you just need to look in the blue section.


Every few months, have your mom or dad help you sort through the clothing and shoes that don’t fit anymore or are worn out. Sort clothes that are gently used into piles that can be given away, and work with your parents to see how best to discard or recycle the others. Doing this periodically helps keep your drawers/closets cleaner and uncluttered.


Do the same with toys. If you haven’t played with or used something in several months, you might need to find a new home for that item. Get in the spirit of giving things away freely. 


Last, here’s a great tip from one of our readers: Make piles. Clothes (clean/dirty); trash, books, etc. Sort everything into piles and put them away (or take to respective hampers or trash bins). When done, dust and vacuum. 


We hope these tips will help you keep your special room in the condition it was meant to be in so you can enjoy it even more! If you have more tips to share with us, e-mail