KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | December 2017

Christmas Loneliness

By Evelyn Horan

I had my daily Bible reading and prayers. There was comfort in that. I tried not to think about the past, but when the Christmas season arrived, I couldn’t help thinking about happier times.

I didn’t feel like putting up Christmas decorations. I did display the Nativity scene of the Baby Jesus. I hadn’t forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I knew it was to celebrate our Lord’s “birthday.” In my heart I was happy I had a Savior who cared for me and was there for me. But I had such a longing for someone to love on that Christmas Eve.

“Dear God, please help me with my loneliness,” I prayed as I stood at my window in the late afternoon and gazed out to the street.

My neighbors, the McDonnells, had a son, Aiden, and a daughter, Alyssa. I could see their Christmas tree standing near the window. It was decorated with bright, flickering lights.

I  took the remote control, and flicked on the TV. Before I sat down, I thought about having some cookies and milk. I had baked oatmeal cookies for the Christmas season.

Just then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Aiden.

“Merry Christmas,” Aiden said. He held a little black Scottie dog with a red-colored, plaid ribbon tied around his neck. On his head was a tiny, black, Scottish beanie-cap with a round fuzzy pom-pom on top. The puppy’s pink tongue licked at Aiden’s hand.

With his free hand Aiden offered me a paper plate wrapped in aluminum foil. 

“Mom wanted to share some of our Christmas Eve dinner with you,” he explained. “Why, thank you, Aiden! How thoughtful!“

Aiden nodded. “Did mom tell you Molly had three puppies a few months ago? We thought you might like to have this little guy to keep you company. We call him Mac.

“Oh, Aiden, he’s precious,” I said as Aiden put the squirming puppy in my arms. 

“If you need any help with Mac, just give me a call, and I’ll be right over,” Aiden said.

Tears filled my eyes. “Thank you for thinking about me,” I murmured. 

“Mom also told me to tell you she’d like for you to have Christmas dinner with us. I’ll come over and help you cross the street.”

This time a few tears escaped and rolled down my cheeks. “Tell your mother I look forward to coming over.”

A warm, squirming Mac wriggled in my arms. His little pink tongue spread wet kisses all over my cheeks. “I love you, Mac,” I said.

“Thank You, God,” I whispered. “Thank You for answering my prayers and giving me a puppy to love. I won’t be too lonely anymore. Thank You for neighbors who care about me.”

Mac keeps me busy as I follow him around and take him out for exercise. And yes, he’s spoiled. He even sleeps at the foot of my bed!

The McDonnells are always checking in on me, and I’ve not had an attack of loneliness again. I’ll never forget that happy Christmas Eve when God answered my prayers, and the McDonnells blessed me with their love.

—This article first appeared in the December 2017 Adventist Review. It has been adapted for KidsView.