KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | August 2016

Will You Be a Caterpillar This Year?

The pine processionary caterpillar (pictured above and in the KidsView logo) is one of the many creative animals Jesus made. It has this weird behavior of following the caterpillar in front of it. In some parts of the world many processionary caterpillars can be seen trekking through the floor of forests, marching, one after another, from head to tail and tail to head.

A scientist named Jean-Henri Fabre did an experiment in which he put these caterpillars around the edge of a pot. The head of the first caterpillar ended up following the tail of the last caterpillar. They marched in circles, following each other for days. In fact, they followed each other for seven full days, until they died of hunger!

All the caterpillars had to do was to ask where they were going, whom they were following, and why they were following. But everyone knows caterpillars don’t ask these kinds of questions!

As the new school year starts, exciting things await you: new textbooks, new clothes, new teachers, new rooms, new stationery, maybe even new friends. Ask yourself where your actions and decisions will lead you. Whom are you following? Why are you following them? If you make the wrong decision, or mindlessly follow those around you, you may end up going in circles for days, if not years. You may end up as a crusty, dried, dead caterpillar at the edge of a pot. 

The only sure leader we have is Jesus. Seeing what He saw, speaking His words, thinking His thoughts, doing His actions, and loving what and whom He loved means walking in His footsteps. God led Abraham out of Ur, Israelites out of Egypt, Jews out of Babylon, Christians out of idolatry, Protestants out of Rome, and Adventists out of the Great Disappointment.

Make Jesus your leader this school year. Choose Him daily. Resolve to do this with your family. Refuse to follow things around you just because they are. Follow Him alone (Matt. 4:19), then you will be smarter than your teachers (Ps. 119:104), more stable than your peers (1 Cor. 3:11), a witness to those older than you (1 Tim. 4:12), successful in all that you (Joshua 1:5-9), and a joyful kid in Christ (John 15:11).


Pine processsionary caterpillars live in central Asia, countries of southern Europe, and North Africa. They love to eat pine needles. When they move, it is in a long line, head-to-tail, resembling a long rope. If you see them, don’t touch them. They are very poisonous. There is enough venom in their little hairs to harm small mammals.