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Brothers--Moses and Aaron

By Jean Boonstra

Do you have a little brother or sister? Or maybe you are the little brother or sister? There are two famous brothers in the Bible—Moses and Aaron.

“So Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had commanded them. Moses was eighty years old, and Aaron was eighty-three when they made their demands to Pharaoh.” (Exodus 7:6, 7)

Do you and your brother or sister get along well? You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t disagree once in a while!

Moses and Aaron had a unique brotherly relationship. When Aaron was about three years old, a new baby joined the family. A baby boy—Moses. You remember the story: The Pharaoh at that time wanted to get rid of the Israelites. He ordered all baby Israelite boys killed. Aaron and Moses’ parents wouldn’t let that happen to their new baby! So they hid baby Moses for three months.

Two brothers sitting together.I can just imagine three-year-old Aaron helping. I can picture him kneeling beside his baby brother’s bed and playing with him to keep him quiet. Can’t you?

You remember the next part of the story, don’t you? Aaron, his sister Miriam, and their parents put baby Moses in a basket in the river. God was watching out for their special baby, and Pharaoh’s daughter found him! She let Moses go to his home for a while. Oh, I imagine Aaron was happy that he could play loudly with his baby brother now. No more whispers and hiding!

Just a short time later, Moses went to live at the palace. I wonder how Aaron felt when his brother left. Did he ever get to visit him in the palace?

Many, many years went by. Moses and Aaron both grew older and had families of their own. Moses was living far away when God called him. He was a grey-haired man of 80, and Aaron, his big brother, was now 83!

God asked Moses to lead His people, the Israelites, out of Egypt. But God didn’t leave Moses to do it alone! God called Aaron to help him. Aaron would be Moses’ partner. Together, these brothers led the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land. God changed the world through them!

God put Moses and Aaron together as brothers for a reason. God saved Moses’ life when he was young, and I am certain He used Aaron to help. Many years later, as old, grey-haired men, God brought these brothers back together again. From the beginning, God had a purpose for Moses and Aaron as brothers.

You might not always get along perfectly with your brother or sister. Don’t worry—no one does. It helps to never forget that God brought you and your sister or brother together for a purpose, too. Ask God to help you find that purpose and He will! Remember He’s in the business of helping brothers and sisters do courageous things, and make it a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!


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