KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | March 2016

Books to Enjoy

By KidsView Staff

Though it’s March, you may be looking forward to summer vacation. It will be here before you know it! While you certainly deserve a break from school and school-related activities, keeping up with your reading skills is very important. Just ask your teacher! 

We’ve collected a list of four books that will help you do that. They will also keep you from being bored because the stories are just that interesting. To purchase any of these titles, you can visit


book cover of treasure on spyglass hillTreasure on Spyglass Hill

By Paul B. Ricchiuti

Gary didn’t move. He didn’t even try. He was staring straight up at the great house. For there on the second-floor balcony, near one of the big windows, glowed a light that seemed to float on nothing as it passed pillar after pillar. 

And that was not all he saw. Next to that bright circle of light, glowed something yellow, and it was moving, too. As the boys continued to watch, a huge black shape flapped around the mysterious light, sometimes hiding it. It floated like a large sheet of cloth blowing in the wind. Moving wildly, it snapped and fought, trying to fly away. 

Scott felt sweat running down his back. But he and Gary never took their eyes off that thing in black, or that glowing yellow light.

The light stopped moving when it reached a corner of the building. Then it vanished completely. All that remained was the faraway sound of laughter floating down to where they crouched in the dark.

Join best friends Gary and Scott as they try to solve the mystery of the floating lights and learn that treasures don’t always look exactly the way they’d imagined.


book cover for secret of the hidden roomThe Secret of the Hidden Room

By Jerry D. Thomas 

When the softball flew through Mr. Chambers’ open kitchen window, the Shoebox Kids were afraid they were in for trouble. Everyone knew that Mr. Chambers was a mean old man. But what should they do?

Even as they planned to get back their ball, a mystery was brewing. Sammy discovered the first clues when he peered around Mr. Chambers’ kitchen during the rescue mission. Something just wasn’t right. First, there was the mismatched wallpaper and an oddly placed hutch along the back wall. Then he remembered a small, round window that he could see from outside the house but not from the inside. This adventure finds the Shoebox Kids solving a mystery more than 100 years old. During their search for clues they discover friendship in unexpected places, learn to accept people’s differences, and are reminded about the amazing power of prayer.


cover of julius the pesky parrotJulius: The Perfectly Pesky Pet Parrot

By VeraLee Wiggins

Mitch was doomed. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. The lampshade lay in a pile of dust on the floor, exposing the metal skeleton of the lamp. His mom’s beautiful walnut dining table had become scalloped overnight. Walnut chips lay on the floor accusing the culprit—Julius, the perfectly pesky pet parrot!

Julius annoyed everyone with his phone imitations, thefts, and ear-splitting squawking. But when Julius scares away a suspicious salesperson and chases two mean dogs away, everyone starts to believe that Julius isn’t as pesky as they thought.


cover of grandma ellen and meGrandma Ellen and Me

By Mable R. Miller

Imagine having a grandma who lived in a big, beautiful house in the country, wrote books for God, talked with angels, and—most of all—loved children! Mabel had a grandma just like this, and her name was Ellen White.

In Grandma Ellen and Me, Mabel Miller shares true stories from her childhood about 

her famous great-grandmother. Early readers will love these stories about birthday parties at Elmshaven, buggy rides with Grandma Ellen, singing in the bathtub, and Grandma Ellen’s laughter at baseball games. Mabel’s memories will help young people and adults know Ellen White as she really was—a loving grandmother who made religion a joy.